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Using Our Courses

Virtual Elementary School (VES) recognizes that students need flexibility in how they participate in their education and in how they meet their goals. VES offers this flexibility and provides the tools for families to meet their educational needs. VES does not hold students to any due dates or schedules, allowing students to pursue other commitments and interests. This flexibility also allows for the accommodation of special needs that are limited by traditional school schedules. 

Our students and families come from a variety of backgrounds. Students who find the demands of a physical classroom challenging may find VES’s self-paced environment to be a more positive learning experience. 


Students may use our courses as a component of an exclusive homeschooling program. VES courses include all of the content and tools that a learning coach needs to deliver the curriculum. Visit our Homeschooling page to learn more about homeschooling in Ontario. 

Supplementing Day School Learning 

Students may use VES courses while also attending a day school. Students may use their VES course to engage with challenging content beyond what is taught in their physical classroom, as a supplement to review content from previous grades, or for additional practice with the curriculum outside of what is being taught in their physical classroom.   


Check out stories of students and learning coaches who have taken advantage of the flexibility of VES.  

Have a question about using VES courses in your learner’s education plan? Contact us today!