Back to Basics

The most important responsibility of City Hall is to deliver basic services on time and on budget.

Plough the snow. Pick up the garbage. Repair the roads. Clean up our streets and parks.

While City Hall has been caught up with needless distractions, the delivery of basic services has suffered.

As taxes have increased, the quality of basic city services continues to decrease.

Londoners have had to wait way too long for the snow plough. Our roads are deteriorating. Our streets and parks are becoming less safe.

These basic services have slipped not because there is not enough money, but because there is not enough focus.

We do not need to spend $500 million on the high risk BRT project. We do not need to spend countless hours debating distractions like the International Plowing Match, Sanctuary Cities, clear garbage bags, or the types of soft drinks we serve in city arenas.

We need to get back to basics. We need to focus on what matters.

As Mayor of London, I will ensure that City Hall does the basics exceptionally well.

My plan will:

The basics need to be a priority. London deserves it.