Jobs & The Economy

When London’s economy is healthy, everything else is better.

People have jobs and City Hall can do more to help make our lives a little easier.

But while the Mayor’s office has been caught up with needless distractions, our economy has been struggling.

While the rest of Ontario has been growing, our economy has stalled.

One third of prime working-aged Londoners do not have a full-time job.

We have one of the lowest labour participation rates in the country, and 21,000 Londoners now rely on social assistance.

But it does not have to be this way. The economic opportunities in front of us are enormous.

What we need is a plan to both manage the challenges we face and pursue the opportunities in front of us.

We need a leader and a team to deliver on the plan, and the collective will to make it happen.

The Mayor’s job is to understand our city’s strengths and weaknesses better than anybody else, and highlight our strengths to attract investment. After all, attracting investment is what creates jobs.

As Mayor of London, I will lead London’s agenda to attract investment, and I will ask City Council to hold me accountable for our city’s performance.

Leadership is not about waiting around for opportunities. Leadership is about relentlessly pursuing opportunities.

I will aim to attract $5 billion of new investment in London over our 4-year term.

This goal is clear, focused, and achievable. It will focus all of our resources toward a common objective and make clear to Londoners whether we are succeeding or not.

This new investment will create thousands of new jobs and help restore our civic pride.

Our city has enormous potential. With some leadership, teamwork, and focus, we can reverse our downward trend and flourish in the global economy.