My First 90 Days


Meet with:
  • Each newly elected or re-elected Councillor to identify their civic priorities and determine how to best realize them.
  • City Senior Staff to get up to speed on work-in-progress and preliminary budget projections.
  • City Finance to review budget and debt positions.
  • CEOs of top 20 London private sector employers (3M, GDLS, Labatt, London Life, etc.) to determine current status and explore growth opportunities.
  • Police Chief and Deputies to assess the expanded Community Policing (Foot Patrol) operating plan and secure cost estimates.
  • City Engineer to review wastewater management and traffic management strategies, and explore options.
  • City Human Resources to assess state of organization and related investigations.
  • Area MPs and MPPs to assess priorities and determine next steps.
  • County leaders to identify areas of common interest and potential partnership.
  • Executive Directors/Boards of all city-funded Social Service organizations (several have already been completed) to assess future need and potential fit with an integrated social service model that provides complete continuum of care.
  • Housing Executive Directors/Boards to assess housing situation and build a priority plan to address it.
  • Executive Directors/Boards of all city-funded Economic Development organizations to assess future needs and identify clear lines of responsibility.
  • LTC/Shift BRT team leaders to discuss cost analysis and preliminary integration plans.
  • LTC and Taxi leads to discuss accessible transportation opportunities.
  • Representatives of London’s public service associations – police, fire, civic workers – to outline preliminary contract expectations and timing.
  • Executives at CP Rail.
  • Executives at London Airport to discuss expanded service.
  • Executive Directors of all Board and Commissions to assess budget needs and planning expectations.
  • London Hydro executives to receive an update on status, asset management plans.
  • Chief Medical Officer/Health Unit Board to initiate development of comprehensive supervised consumption service (SCS) and care model for budget and provincial support.
  • City Planning Department leads and select six development applications for process review to identify process breakdowns and opportunities for improvement.
  • Each frontline City department to better understand their challenges and identify opportunities to improve our service levels.
  • Existing City advisory committees to identify opportunities for improved engagement and implementation.
  • Western/Fanshawe campus leaders to discuss expanded youth engagement.
  • Integrity Commissioner to secure advice on voting and advocacy boundaries.
  • City Clerk and Mayor to discuss transition.

Post-Oath 1st Quarter

  • Draft and table 2019-2022 Strategic Plan.
  • Draft and table 2019 Budget and 2020-2022 Projection.
  • Initiate contract negotiations with Public Service Associations.
  • Implement expanded Community Policing initiative.
  • Table new and complete Supervised Consumption Services and Recovery Centre plan for Council approval and senior government support.
  • Initiate complete cost analysis of integrated LTC/Shift BRT plan and table results within 30 days of the engagement. Subject to results, draft a modified plan to Shift BRT within 90 days of engagement.
  • Secure meetings with Prime Minister and Premier’s Offices.
  • Secure meetings with region’s Mayors and identify partnership opportunities.
  • Implement near-term housing priorities – lighting, security cameras, priority repairs.
  • Convene Mayor-led task forces – active transportation, housing, social services, airport services, investment attraction.
  • Assess and complete Gateway Casino/Western Fair negotiations.
  • Welcome first delegation from Asia.
  • Initiate Venture London/RH Accelerator entrepreneurship hub including walking/biking overpass to link SoHo to the downtown.
  • Initiate cultural/heritage/entertainment assets rehabilitation program.